DLI Calendar

Please find below events led by the Digital Leadership Institute and its partners planned for 2021-2022 and subject to change without notice.  For past DLI events, please visit here.  For upcoming events and activities led by DLI stakeholders, please visit here.

8 MarchOnlineLaunch of the Gender Scan SurveyDLI
23 March Online WE4Change Project Kickoff MeetingDLI
14-15 AprilOnlineR&I PEERS Training and Validation WorkshopDLI
20 AprilOnlineR&I PEERS Multisectoral ConferenceDLI
23 AprilOnlineR&I PEERS Project MeetingDLI
1 OctoberParisMove It Forward Plus Project MeetingMIF
19-20 OctoberLisbonWE4Change Project MeetingDLI
NovemberRijeka, CroatiaMove It Forward Plus Hackathon – CTK Rijeka with Infobip, University of Rijeka & Step RiMIF
8-13 NovemberLuxembourgMove It Forward Plus HackathonWIDEMIF
27-28 NovemberEFREI – ParisMove It Forward Plus HackathonLed By HerMIF
3 DecemberTBDMove It Forward Plus Project MeetingMIF
9 DecemberOnlineR&I PEERS Multisectoral ConferenceDLI
15 DecemberOnlineR&I PEERS Project MeetingDLI
4 & 11 DecemberT├órgu Mures, RomaniaMove It Forward Plus Hackathon – Fundatia ProfessionalMIF
2-4 February 2022Brussels, Belgium & Online (TBC)WE4Change Changemakers” Train-the-Trainer SeminarDLI
7-8 February 2022OnlineATHENA Project MeetingDLI