Upcoming Activities

The Digital Leadership Institute Team is actively involved in outreach activities with partners and stakeholders around the world that promote ESTEAM* leadership by girls and women. Many of these events have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic so please stay tuned for further news and developments about upcoming activities below, and please visit our calendar to learn about events organised by DLI.

*Entrepreneurship and Art powered by Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

19 August – AWS Cloud Ambassador Quarterly Meeting (Online): On 19 August, Che Miller Van Dÿck, DLI Founding Director, will join an online meeting of the 2020 global cohort of AWS Cloud Ambassadors.

16 September – European Digital Academy Strategic Seminar (Online): On 16 September, Che Miller Van Dÿck, DLI Founding Director and Loredana Bucseneanu, DLI Director of Development, are invited to contribute a strategic seminar to scope and define the work of the forthcoming European Digital Academy, a European Project project led by European SchoolNet, the association of European Ministries of Education.

1 October – Boosting the Digital Transition through Lifelong Learning Conference (Online): On 1 October 2020, Che Miller Van Dÿck, DLI Founding Director, will contribute on the subject of Digital Skills to the conference on “Boosting the Digital Transition through Lifelong Learning,” hosted by the Association of Nordic Engineers. Registration accepted till 15 September at this email address.

6 October – SHERPA Project Stakeholder Board Meeting (Online): On 6 October 2020, Che Miller Van Dÿck, DLI Founding Director, will join the second annual meeting of the SHERPA Stakeholder Board Meeting, taking place online. The mission of the SHERPA Project is to analyse how AI and big data analytics impact ethics and human rights

20-22 October – W20 Saudi Arabia Meetings (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia): On 20-22 October in Riyadh, Che Miller Van Dÿck, DLI Founding Director, will contribute to the W20 Saudi Arabia 2020 meetings of the G20 Saudi Arabia 2020 process, as EU delegation member,  expert to the Digital Inclusion Working Group, and Co-chair of the Digital Entrepreneurship task force of the Women’s Entrepreneurship WG. On 21 October, Che will contribute to a W20 2020 panel on Women’s Entrepreneurship.

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