DLI Update – March-April 2019

The Digital Leadership Institute Board and Executive Team are actively involved in outreach activities with partners and stakeholders around the world that promote ESTEAM* leadership by girls and women. 23-25 March, DLI’s Founding Director, Ms. Che Van Dÿck joined the European at the W20 Meetings in Japan.  Find out more about our outreach activities of March and April 2019 below, and please visit our calendar for events organised by DLI.

*STEM powered by Entrepreneurship and Arts

8 March 2019 – European Commission “Spotlight on Women in Cyber” (Brussels) : On 8 March in Brussels, Ms. Loredana Bucseneanu and Ms. Liliana Carrillo of the DLI Executive Team, contributed to a day-long event at the European Commission showcasing “Women in Cyber” in celebration of International Women’s Day 2019.  Video of the event, which is part of the Women in Digital program supported by Commissioner Gabriel, may be found here.

22-24 March 2019 – W20 Japan Meetings & 5thWAW!/W20 (Tokyo) : On 22 March, Ms. Che Van Dyck, DLI Founding Director,  joined the European Delegation to the 2019 W20 Japan meetings taking place in Tokyo, to deliver a communiqué to the G20 promoting digital, financial and workforce inclusion for women. Ms. Van Dyck also joined the 23-24 March fifth annual World Assembly for Women (WAW!) event hosted by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

29 March 2019 – Career Day (Los Angeles) :   Ms. Che Van Dyck, DLI Founding Director,  joined a 29 March school visit of local actors in the IT, Entertainment and Creative industries, in order to promote STEM careers to young people in Los Angeles County.

9 April 2019 – AWS Public Summit “We Power Tech” Luncheon (Brussels) : Ms. Che Van Dyck, DLI Founding Director,  contributed to an invitation-only luncheon hosted in the context of the annual AWS Public Sector Summit in Brussels on 9 April.

10 April 2019 – AWS Women in Professional Services (Brussels) : On 10 April in Brussels, Ms. Che Van Dyck, DLI Founding Director, delivered a keynote address to the AWS Professional Services gathering in Brussels.

10 April 2019 – WEP & Airbnb “Boosting Female Entrepreneurship in Europe” Luncheon (Brussels) : DLI executive team members joined a 10 April luncheon on “Boosting Female Entrepreneurship in Europe,” hosted by WEP and Airbnb, and chaired by Ms. Claudia Tapardel MEP. Ms. Che Van Dyck, DLI Founding Director, gave a closing address as member of the WEP board of directors.

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DLI Founder Appointed to EU Digital Skills Board

On 28 September in Brussels, Ms. Cheryl Miller, Founder and Director of the Brussels-based Digital Leadership Institute, joined the first meeting of the Governing Board of the European Commission’s Digital Skill and Jobs Coalition, to which Ms. Miller has been appointed for a two-year term.

According to the Commission, the aim of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Governing Board is to “provide strategic leadership and give high-level advice to improve the functioning and the impact of the Coalition, as well as monitoring its overall progress.” The Governing Board also represents the views of the Coalition partners at European level, and acts as a link between pledgers, national Coalitions and social partners.

At its first meeting, Ms. Miller accepted to lead the Governing Board’s work on “digital skills for ICT experts,” one of four digital skills pillars treated as priorities by the Coalition.  Ms. Miller and her colleagues will provide recommendations in these areas to the new European Commissioner for the Digital Single Market, Ms. Mariya Gabriel, in the context of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Conference, taking place in Brussels on 7 December.

Ms. Miller joins representatives of eleven other Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition stakeholders in the Governing Board, whose organisations represent pledging members, national coalitions, and Coalition social partners.