Rosanna Kurrer

Rosanna Kurrer is DLI Digital Literacy Lead, g-Hive Community Manager and Member of the Board

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  1. DLI Update – March 2015 at ·

    […] addition to celebrating this great milestone, Ms. Rosanna Kurrer and Ms. Selma Franssen, the DLI g-Hive and inQube Community Managers, kicked off our first digital […]

  2. DLI Update – April 2015 at ·

    […] and the Future Internet” workshop — led by Esther Roure Vila from Cisco and Ms. Rosanna Kurrer, g-Hive Community Manager.  We also kicked off an “Kick@ss Online” inQube series for […]

  3. DLI Update – May 2015 at ·

    […] May in Brussels, Ms. Selma Franssen, DLI Communication Director and inQube Community Manager, and Ms. Rosanna Kurrer, DLI Digital Literacy Lead and g-Hive Community Manager, provided startup and maker advice to the […]

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