Enhancing Online Safety for Young People: Join the Onsafe Project

Join the OnSafe Project by DLI to address sexually related online risks. We invite young people aged 13-35 to participate in our anonymous survey, helping us to identify training needs and enhance online safety.

Why Participate?

1. Identify training needs: Assess your knowledge and help tailor educational programs for specific needs.

2. Anonymity and confidentiality: Your identity will remain anonymous, and data will be securely stored for the project’s purposes.

3. Make a difference: Contribute to a safer digital space, foster responsible digital citizenship, and empower future generations.

How to Get Involved:

1. Visit the survey link and choose your language: Take the survey in English or in French.

2. Spread the word: Encourage others aged 13-35 to participate and help gather valuable insights.

Your participation in the Onsafe Project survey contributes to a safer online environment. Join us today to empower young individuals and promote responsible digital behavior. Together, we can create a safer digital space for all.