DLI Update – Winter 2019

Happy new year from the Digital Leadership Institute!

The DLI team closed out a fabulous 2019 in Berlin at an Internet Governance Forum award ceremony where we received UN recognition for our global leadership in promoting greater participation of girls and women in digital sectors around the world! 

Our Board and Executive Team are actively involved in outreach activities with partners and stakeholders around the world that promote ESTEAM* leadership by girls and women. Find out more about our outreach activities of Winter 2019 below, and please visit our calendar for events organised by DLI.

*STEM powered by Entrepreneurship and Arts

24 September 2019 – Geena Davis Institute on Gender and Media Global Symposium (New York): Ms. Che Miller Van Dÿck, DLI Founding Director,  joined a 24 September Global Symposium organised by the Geena Davis Institute on the Status of Equity and Inclusion in Children’s Television at Google in New York. DLI is a long-time advocate for Equity in Media, and member of the Global Alliance on Media and Gender and the Geena Davis Institute.

25 September 2019 – Financial Inclusion for Development: Building on 10 years of Progress (New York): On 25 September at UN Headquarters in New York, Ms. Che Miller Van Dÿck, DLI Founding Director,  joined an official side-event of the 74th Session of the UN General Assembly, on invite of Queen Màxima of Holland, in recognition of her successes over the past ten years in advancing financial inclusion around the world, and its role in achieving the 2030 Agenda. Contributing to the event were UN Secretary General António Guterres, Ms. Melinda Gates, and the CEOs of Paypal and Microsoft, among others.

7-14 October 2019 – Women Code Festival (Brussels): The Third Annual Women Code Festival, organized by WomenInTech.brussels, took place 7-14 October in Brussels. Ms. Che Miller Van Dÿck, DLI Founding Director,  moderated the Festival opening event on 7 October, and the 6th Annual European Ada Awards ceremony, that took place at the Google Atelier in Brussels on 16 October, was an official side-event of the Festival.

14-15 October 2019 – INNOVEIT 2019 Conference (Budapest): On 14-15 October in Budapest,Ms. Che Miller Van Dÿck, DLI Founding Director, contributed to the 2019 edition of the INNOVEIT conference, organized by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, as guest of honor and jury member for the EIT Woman Award 2019.

23 October 2019 – Mobile World Congress – Women4Tech Summit (Los Angeles): On 23 October at the Mobile World Congress Los Angeles, Ms. Che Miller Van Dÿck, DLI Founding Director,  joined a Women4Tech Summit panel on increasing diversity in STEM careers, including AI, big data and cyber security

15-16 November 2019 – Women’s Entrepreneurship Day: DLI  joined global celebrations of 2019 Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, that took place around the world with flagship summit in New York City on 15-16 November. Ms. Che Miller Van Dÿck, DLI Founding Director, has been Women’s Entrepreneurship Ambassador for Belgium since 2016.

21-22 November 2019 – 4IR Conference (Madrid): On 21-22 November in Madrid, Ms. Che Miller Van Dÿck, DLI Founding Director,  contributed to a conference on “Ethics and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (“4IR”), with a talk on “Inclusive Digital Transformation.”

22 November 2019 – SheDIDIT Closing Event (Ghent, Belgium): Ms. Che Miller Van Dÿck, DLI Founding Director,  joined the closing event of the #SheDIDIT campaign promoting Belgian women entrepreneurs from diverse origins, for which she has been a role model and mentor for the past year.

27 November 2019 – UN EQUALS Award Ceremony at Internet Governance Forum 2019 (Berlin)As part of the 2019 Internet Governance Forum in Berlin, the DLI Team had the honour of joining a 27 November UN EQUALS ceremony recognising initiatives around the world that promote greater participation of girls and women in digital sectors.  DLI was recognised in the global Leadership category by the UN EQUALS partnership which includes the UN ITU, UN Women, GSMA and EY.

25-27 November 2019 – SME Assembly (Helsinki): Ms. Che Miller Van Dÿck, DLI Founding Director, was invited to join to the annual SME Assembly for Europe as a delegate promoting women-led (tech) startup. The SME Assembly is the flagship event of European SME Week, an event of the 2019 Finnish Presidency of the EU Council.

2 December 2019 – Work-Life Balance Conference (Brussels): Ms. Loredana Bucseneanu, DLI Development Director,  joined a panel on “digitalisation and work-life balance” at the Work-Life Balance Conference taking place on 2 December in Brussels, organized by the Global Wo.Men Hub, of which DLI is a member.

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